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Fermilab - University of Chicago - College of DuPage QuarkNet Center

The Fermilab / University of Chicago / College of DuPage QuarkNet group has high school teachers from the Chicago suburbs. We meet twice in the summer, and a few times during the school year, to discuss how to effectively integrate research experiences into classroom activities. During the summer, we usually host high school students who work on research projects with scientists at Fermilab. Read more about the QuarkNet program.

High school students interested in joining the QuarkNet Summer Research Program can read this program summary and learn how to apply.

QuarkNet Center Events

Summer 2019QuarkNet Summer Research for High School Students Program

Previous Activities/Materials

Years are from Jan. to Dec. (e.g., 2016 refers to Jan-Dec. 2016)

YearWorkshopsMasterclassesStudent ResearchMaterials
2020Teaching with Data
- Yerkes Observatory
 Home - ProjectsResources for Teachers
2019Neutrino Data Workshop
- Fermilab
 Home - ProjectsResources for Teachers
2018Teaching with Data
- Yerkes Observatory
 Home - ProjectsResources for Teachers
2017Teaching with Data
- Yerkes Observatory
 Home - ProjectsResources for Teachers
2016Teaching with Data
- Yerkes Observatory
- Cosmic Workshop at COD
 Home - ProjectsResources for Teachers
2015Teaching with Data
- QuarkNet Portfolio Progress Reports for High School Teachers at Fermilab
- Adler Planetarium
CMS (Spring)Home - Projects 
2014Bring Fermilab to your Classroom Home - ProjectsResources for Teachers
2013Research to Activities
- Adler Planetarium
 Home - ProjectsResources for Teachers
2012Beyond Human ErrorCMS-FebruaryHome - ProjectsResources for Teachers
2011Cosmic Ray Detectors - Arduino 101 Workshop -
- Yerkes Observation Visit
CMS J/PsiHome - ProjectsLesson Plans Ideas and Resources
2010August 6,13FebruaryF.R.O.G.S. -
Astro Links
2009SDSS: Experience Expansion of UniverseFebruary
Astronomy SeismometryExpansion of Universe
2008  SDSS Research
2007  SDSS Merging Galaxies
2006   Teachers Guide


 In the U.S. Masterclass students come to one of 25 nearby universities or research centers for one day to visually analyze real data from experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.During a three-hour masterclass preparation, students engage in investigations that address how physicists use indirect evidence to explore phenomena, the Standard Model as the current theoretical framework for our understanding of matter and physics concepts that govern how particles behave. Our research and evaluation show that prior knowledge of these topics enables students to have a more gratifying, interesting, and authentic research experience. Masterclass 2016.