Teaching with Data

QuarkNet Workshop for High School Physics Teachers

9:00 am to 3:30 pm, July 27-29 2016
at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Teachers immersed themselves for three days at Fermilab with data from a variety of Physics experiments. During the first half of the workshop they looked at research projects done by our QuarkNet students, worked with scientists from Fermilab and toured Muon/g-2 and D0/Tevatron. During the second half of the workshop they reviewed fundamentals of the CMS experiment and studied how to teach with research data using the QuarkNet E-labs. Teachers developed a plan for leading students to the next level of data collection, interpretation, and explanation.

Active QuarkNet teachers meet annually to learn and share inquiry-based teaching methods for basic introductory physics concepts in a context of particle physics and astronomy. This excites students! Participants will have opportunities to attend additional sessions throughout the school year.

Schedule for the CMS Data Workshop.

For question, contact George Dzuricsko or Chris Stoughton, the physicist mentor for the Fermilab/University of Chicago QuarkNet Center.