solid xenon detector watching for dark matter teaching an old quarknet board new tricks hypervelocity stars weak lensing listening for dark matter Supersymmetry

QuarkNet Interns

Every summer, Fermilab offers a select group of students the opportunity to work with engineers and scientists. These students choose a research project and are given six weeks to complete it. At the end of the six weeks, students are required to share what they've done through an oral presentation.

This year (2011-2012), students conducted research on a number of different subjects including: Dark Matter, Weak Lensing, Hyper Velocity Stars, Solid Xenon Detectors, Supersymmetry, and Programming FPGAs. If you are interested in joining us next summer, visit the QuarkNet Internship info page.


This year's website is meant to accomplish several goals. It is here to be:

  • An inside look at what the students accomplished this year.
  • A resource for high school students who want to work on projects that require the same basic skills as this year's projects, as well as a resource for teachers.
  • An antidote to the myth that high school students aren't smart enough to contribute to science in a meaningful way.

QuarkNet Students and Teachers 2011-2012 Summer

QuarkNet Students and Teachers Picture