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2015 Submission Deadline: TBD

Each Center may complete one application and apply for funds in addition to teacher stipends. Centers are free to request items for individual teachers, items for a group of teachers, items for the center as a whole and any combination of these. Examples of items include classroom materials, travel to meetings and/or conferences, etc. Individual teachers should coordinate with their mentor to have a particular item included.

We will use these criteria to score the submissions.

All proposals received by the deadline will receive equal consideration. If we have requests for more funds than are available, we will award grants based on scores against the criteria.

Contact your QuarkNet staff member to determine if something is eligible for funding.

Please complete this form with items IN PRIORITY ORDER. You may request funding for several items. The list below shows one. Expand the list by clicking on the triangles. You must complete the starred (*) items.

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