Expression of Interest

For Particle Physicists at Universities and Labs

Research groups may wish to join the 50 active centers. Each new center will recruit two lead teachers by the end of January and provide an eight-week research appointment for them during the following summer.

Eligible participants include researchers working with high-energy physics experiments. Participation of at least two physicists at a site is required. Only one person per site needs to complete this form.

Please submit this expression of interest in October.

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During October, a member of the QuarkNet staff will visit you and interested colleagues to discuss your proposal and assist in moving your application forward. In order to help us schedule our visit, please indicate October dates during which these visits will be impossible.

Two things will happen when you press submit. You will immediately see a copy of the information that you provided. An e-mail containing your responses will be sent to Tom Jordan. If you have not received a confirming e-mail within 24 hours from Tom, please contact him.


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