Natalie & Tim (Wheaton Academy) and George (Metea Valley H.S.)
Mentor: Chris Stoughton

Our purpose was to analyze data and investigate data representation techniques for ARCONS, and to create routines to streamline parts of the data reduction pipeline. Our work included spectra analysis, false color rendering, and faulty pixel masking. Our efforts included generalizing a mosaicing algorithm, optimizing the hot pixel finding program, creating a cosmetic interpolation program, writing code to translate data files into color images, testing photometry routines, implementing point spread function spectral analysis, and using aperture spectral analysis. The programs we have written have potential applications in the fields of high definition imaging, exoplanet atmosphere chemical composition analysis, dark energy, and dark matter. In order for our work to expand to these goals, our programs will be optimized and functionality will be added to involve more detailed calibrations.

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