Warren (New Trier H.S.)
Mentor: Amitoj Singh

The US Lattice for Quantum Chromodynamics (LQCD ) is a supercomputer housed, in part, here at Fermilab that is used measure the quark-gluon interactions that occur inside of a proton in order to find the mass of the proton and possibly the number of non-valence quark pairs that exist inside of the proton. The Ethernet network that controls the data input and output from the machine is an essential part of the supercomputing system because it allows the physicist to both start a problem and gather the data at the end. By using the programing language Perl I made a monitoring system for the Ethernet network that graphs data gathered from the switches on the network. These graphs make it easy to visualize the data and see when one port or switch is working at a lower efficiency than the mean so that any potential problems in the network can be fixed before they reduce the efficiency of the computer as a whole. My work will be applied to the clusters here at Fermilab and will assist my mentor Amitoj Singh as he works on the upkeep and advancement of the clusters.

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