QuarkNet Online Resources
General Information

Discovering New Physics - Fermilab: where physicists unravel the mysteries of the universe

Electromagnetic Simulation: Charged Particle Motion in E/M Field (by Fu-Kwun Hwang, National Taiwan Normal University)

Fermilabyrinth - Online versions of exhibits at the Lederman Science Center

Fermilab Virtual Tour - Photos of accelerators and detectors with figure captions

International Particle Physics Outreach Group (from CERN)

Fermilab Homepage - Links to general information, experiments and projects (Fermilab at Work), particle physics (inquiring minds), resources for students (education) and more

High-Energy Physics Acronyms - (from Fermilab)

Particle Physics - a list of links from the American Physical Society)

The Particle Adventure - A simple, thorough explanation of the world of particle physics. If you haven't yet gone through this Website, get to it!

Particle Detector BriefBook - Encyclopedic form of words associated with particle physics; also published as a book

Searching for the Building Blocks of Matter - Overview of how the work of experimental particle physicists put the Standard Model together, piece by piece (from Fermilab)

Smallest Particles, Biggest Machine - Series of slides for students (from Royal Holloway University of London)


About the LHC - introduction to the LHC on the US/LHC website

Anatomy of the LHC - information on the LHC and its detectors from US/LHC for Teachers and Students

CERN in 3 Minutes - an introduction to CERN

How an accelerator works - a CERN site providing background on accelerators

Large Hadron Rap - Rappin' about CERN's Large Hadron Collider

LHC Game - a game from Microcosm at CERN to learn about the LHC

LHC Live - the status of the LHC

Particle Accelerator - Simple demo to accelerate a charged particle by flipping batteries

SLAC's Virtual Visitor Center - Accelerator - Description of how some accelerators and detectors work

Tevatron - Fermilab's collider until September 2011

What is the ILC - International Linear Collider, a proposed collider and Gateway to the Quantum Universe

Also, check out resources in general information.


Anatomy of a Detector - Virtual reality tool shows different parts of the CDF detector and how they are used to display the debris from a collision. (Joe Boudreau, a physicist in the CDF collaboration)

ATLAS Boogie - The "Canettes Blues Band" performs an original piece about the ATLAS experiment

ATLAS and CMS Experiment Education Pages - Artists' sketches; movie, photos, descriptions of how different particles are detected and more; read CMS brochures.

ATLAS Masterclass - Participate in the analysis of events from the ATLAS detector at the LHC

BaBar Particle Physics Teaching Package - A tutorial on relativity and particles with events to analyze

Bubble Chamber - An interactive tutorial to identify particles in old bubble chamber photos

Cloud Chamber Photograph - Track of positron, first evidence of antimatter (from LBNL Image Library) and How to Build a Cloud Chamber - Directions

CMS Masterclass - Participate in the analysis of events from the CMS detector at the LHC

Fermilab Detectors: CDF Public Page - DZero Public Page

History of Detectors - the link downloads a powerpoint presented by Dave Nygren of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Nygren spoke at the 2012 EDIT conference at Fermilab.

LHC Decoded - good diagrams showing the LHC detectors and the event displays associated with them.

Use OnScreen Particle Physics software to experiment with particles. Watch the trajectories change when you adjust the magnetic field.

Photomultiplier Tube Tutorial - Goes through the multiplication effect in PMTs (based on work by a QuarkNet teacher) For Teachers - For Students

Transverse Slice of the CMS Detector - activity showing how various particles interact with the detector

Also, check out resources in general information.

Energy-Momentum Relationship

Einstein on E = mc2 - Einstein explains the equivalence of rnergy and matter

Energy-Momentum Formula - A form of the relationship between E, P and M (though not exactly the way a particle physicist would normally write it) as well as general arguments (from Physics 252 by Michael Fowler, University of Virginia)

Mass and Energy - The relationship between mass and energy from relativity and with some of the mathematics (from Physics 252 by Michael Fowler, University of Virginia)

Pennies! - Graphs Reveal the Structure of Matter - An application of mass reconstruction to everyday items (by Frank Lipinski, Fermilab Fellowship and QuarkNet Teacher)

Also, check out resources in general information.

Event Pictures

ATLAS Live Event Display - snapshot of a collision directly from the ATLAS detector

Belle Event Display - snapshot of an e- e+ collision recorded in the Belle detector in Japan

CMS Live Event Display - snapshot of a proton collision recorded in the CMS detector

CMS 3-D Display - events from the CMS Detector for students to manipulate

Identifying Interesting Particle Physics Events at LEP - Tutorial and challenge on each type of event; can do statistics of ratios of types of events on 1000 events (OPAL events by Terry Wyatt, CERN)

MINOS Live Event Display - snapshot of a neutrino recorded in the MINOS far detector at Soudan, Minnesota

Also, check out resources in general information.

Event Animations

ATLAS di-jet event animation - An event with two jets produced. Animation was created from data from an actual ATLAS collision event in 2010

ATLAS Z-->ee event animation - First candidate for an event with a Z boson decaying to an electron and an anti-electron.

ATLAS Z-->mu mu event animation - Candidate for an event with a Z boson decaying to two muons.

CMS March 30, 2010 Event Animation High-energy collisions at 7 TeV e+ collision recorded in the Belle detector in Japan

Also, check out resources in general information.

Special Relativity

Assess Your STR Knowledge - Review questions and problems

Cosmic Rays - General introduction to cosmic rays (from SLAC)

On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies - Einstein's original paper on STR in English translation (Go get 'em, tiger!)

Special Relativity Equations - "Formula sheet" of some of the more important equations of relativity

Also, check out resources in general information.

Standard Model

Fermilab Inquiring Minds - explores a series of questions, such as "What is the world made of?"

The Higgs Boson - from the Exploratorium

PDG Live - Interactive access to the Particle Data Book

The Official String Theory Web Site - Perhaps the most promising theoretical framework we have for understanding why matter behaves as it does. Find out more here.

The Standard Model Chart - An excellent visual summary of the Standard Model

What's a Neutrino? - Explanation of neutrinos and a brief history of neutrino physics from Pauli's original hypothesis in 1931 to the present (University of California, Irvine)

Also, check out resources in general information.